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Run, run, run. Keep going, gotta keep moving. Run, run, run. The pack is gone, there is no hope. No, keep going, gotta find… something. No pack, no purpose. Search. There’s gotta be something… some— What was that?

The dog’s black nose twitched in the air sniffing out the source of the sound, right ear flicking to and fro while the left one lay still; paralyzed and deaf.

‘There!’ The dog thought as she moved towards the soft sound. Her paws crunching softly in the endless snow. She approached the thick underbrush cautiously, ear still on the swivel.


The sharp sound caused the dog to freeze, her bi-colored eyes narrowed as a movement disturbed the small thorn covered bush. Her head tilted slightly as more yips and whines came from the bush and out popped a scrawny puppy. The pup growled when it spotted the dog so near.

“I won’t hurt you,” the dog said taking a step forward.

The pup growled again and bared its teeth. It tried to stand but stumbled and held up one paw. The dog took in the puppy’s full profile, what was left of its fur was white or it would have been if it wasn’t covered in red tinged mud. The paw dangled uselessly from its raised front leg, almost bit completely off. Small pointed ears were pinned back. Its eyes were dilated and almost completely black, it looked at the dog with mad hunger.

“I have some skills in healing. I can make you feel better,” The dog pleaded, as she stepped closer still.

Help the pup. Pack? Pup needs help. Sick. Smell.

As the dog got closer the pup jumped up with surprising speed and clamped its sharp milk teeth right into the dog’s leg. With a yelp she flung the pup off. The skinny thing flew back into the thorns, where it stayed. The dog looked at her leg and licked at the small punctures. There was a slight smell from the wound as the pups saliva mixed with her blood.

“You have the sickness!” She said to no one. The puppy had used the last of its strength in an effort to defend itself from its would be savior.

Run, run, run. Get away. Sickness. Run. Pack? No pack. Run. Purpose? Get away. Run, run… why run. Hunt. No run. Hunger. Hunt. Hunger. Hunger. Run. Kill. Pray. Kill. Kill. Kill….
Purpose Corruption: Contest Entry
Warning for wounds and character death. 

I got the idea from this quote: “Dogs whose hunger for a purpose has took over their minds.”
I liked the idea of seeing one of the dogs turning into one of the monsters. It kind of reminded me of a dog getting Rabies. It's a bit zombie like. 

There is now a picture that goes with this story here:…

For this contest:…

Needle Felt: Haku by StarshadowDragon
Needle Felt: Haku
Haku from Spirited Away. His whiskers are poseable and his legs are reinforced with wire. 
He took me about 72 hours and over an month to finish. 

Haku and Spirited Away are owned by Miyazaki-san and Studio Ghibli.


United States

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